Design Rock Poster silk Prints


The Designer Said…

Rock Music is my passion. Art is my job. Why not combining the two?

I have studied Art for 6 years. Listening to Rock Music has always been part of my creative process. After Art school, I got my first electric guitar and fell in love with it.

I decided to work as a graphic designer, first in design agencies and then as a freelance. I like to create images that perfectly fit to my customers and their specific projects. I want to understand their needs to transform them in pictures and concepts. For 13 years I worked for customers that were completely different, from global companies to small tattoo shops.

In parallel, my love for Rock Music grew up and I built my own band. As a mature Art Director, I now wish to create a link between my passion and my job! I develop innovative artworks for Rock Bands. I am particularly fond of luxurious and creative rock gigs posters, with oldschool serigraph technique. I also create Tshirts and goodies to make your show unforgettable.


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